Perhaps the youngest do not know Juan Joya Borja, “El Risitas” as he nicknamed him Jesus Quintero at the time, but without a doubt if someone shouts “Cuñaaaaooooo” nearby with a characteristic voice you will identify that meme. Juan Joya had a short-lived fame, but he has left a perpetual legacy of humor that is still used to parody many hilarious or crazy situations.

Today we wake up with the sad news of his death at 65 years of age at the Virgen del Rocñio Hospital in Seville, where he died yesterday at noon. He had recently been transferred from the Hospital de la Caridad, also in the capital of Seville.

Juan Joya suffered from a long illness that even led him to require the amputation of one of his legs last year. His fame lasted some years in the 2000s, where he participated together with Jesús Quintero in programs such as Colored Mice or The Wanderer.

The peak of his fame would come in 2005, when Santiago Segura (Blade 2, Father there is only one 2) counted on him to Torrent 3: The Protector. However, as the fame of Jesús Quintero waned and his television presence diminished, so did that of “El Risitas.” They were more than 15 minutes of fame, but little by little it was left out of the collective memory of the public, who only remembered (usually) the iconic “cuñao” meme.

From the writing of Hobby Consolas we wish to express our condolences to the family and relatives of Juan Joya Borja. Rest in peace.