Deconstructeam, the Spanish studio known for Gods Will Be Watching Y The Red Strings Club, presents his new game, which he will publish again with Devolver Digital: Essays on Empathy. Until now, Deconstructeam games have been characterized as adventure games experimenting with narrative. Essays on Empathy will take that idea to the extreme, as it is really about 10 sets, or at least, narrative experiences, each one playing with the mechanics to tell short stories very diverse.

From a hit man who works in a flower shop to a schoolgirl convinced that her skeleton does not belong to her, to a couple of mediocre comedians in search of success. The latter will star Sixpenny, which seems to be the most forceful game of the selection, and that will be exclusive to Essays on Empathy.

Between all, they promise 5 hours jumping between very different stories and characters, and with a gameplay adapted to each context. There will also be content to unlock, such as sketches, design details, and a mini-documentary created for this collection.

Its soundtrack returns to run by Paula Ruiz, fingerspit, with more than 2 hours of new music. Its graphics will be one of its strengths: everyone is committed to pixel art, but being different games, we will see different interpretations of the technique to better adapt to each story or situation, playing with details or perspective.

Essays on Empathy

No further data from Essays on Empathy has been revealed, and it’s probably best this way, so as not to spoil any surprises for you. It will be released on PC on May 18, and at the moment there has been no talk of versions for consoles.

The Red Strings Club, his last game to date, is available on all platforms. It is developed through conversations, although we will also have to serve drinks, as it is set in the bar of a bar with a cyberpunk aesthetic.

Source: Devolver Digital