When we talk about action figures, except when we try to Funko Pop! or some honorable exception, prices tend to rise to considerably high figures that rarely go below three figures. That’s when things don’t get out of hand and we go at prices of 1,000 or 2,000 dollars for a figure of a character with so many gadgets and details that it seems that it will come to life at any moment.

The people of Diamond Select Toys knows that not all pockets can afford the most expensive figures, so they are taking action figures within their DC Gallery collection that bring the characters of the dc comics As the Penguin or Bane with a great level of detail and at prices that do not jeopardize the next mortgage letter.

One of the most recent is the Two-Face figure that we bring you today and that is already available to purchase on pages like Amazon. The level of detail of the figure is very interesting, both in the suit and the iconic face of Harvey Dent and in the platform that serves as its base.

For a price of $ 49.99 You can get this Two-Face figure from Diamond Select Toys with which you can flip the coin and decide the fate of Batman and Gotham in a “face or … face” hand. Two-Face is one of Batman’s most iconic villains, an ally-turned-enemy whose concept of justice is as peculiar as Batman’s taste for single-use gadgets that are never used again when they really could have saved his skin. .

What do you think of the Two-Face figure released by Diamond Select Toys?