The last of us will finally have a film adaptation. It will be in the form of television series for HBO, and we already have actors (Pedro Pascal, Bella Ramsey and Gabriel Luna), producers / screenwriters (Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann) and directors (Jasmila Žbanić, Ali Abbasi and Kantemir Balagov). Its filming will begin this summer and will last a whole year, so it could be ready by the end of 2022.

However, this project was born from the ashes of another failed attempt. of taking the Naughty Dog video game to the movies. It was announced in 2014, and was to be produced by Sam raimi and Screen Gems production company, but it never came to fruition. Neil Druckmann was involved in that first attempt and rarely spoke about it. Until today, he has given very revealing details about what the Last of Us movie could have been like and where it flopped. He has done it on the podcast Script Part (via IGN).

According to Druckmann, the film sought to put a greater focus on the action, and that is something that Druckmann did not like. “A lot of the notes while working on the movie were about ‘how can we make the bigger set pieces?‘”He doesn’t point to anyone involved in the production (it’s never been known who else was on the hook, other than Raimi), but he says that was the reason the movie was never made:”It wasn’t working for The Last of Us“.

Talking now about the new series, Druckmann is happy to get his proposal back on the film, which was “roll it like an indie movie“and let him sit small and intimate. For that reason, they don’t need to have as many action sequences as in a video game, where you recognize that the action is included for pacing reasons: “You have to tackle those mechanics from time to time, you have to have enough combat to train on those mechanics. But you can throw all that away for the series, because now we are in a different medium. Let’s play with the strengths of this medium“.

Therefore, you can expect that The Last of Us series won’t have as much action as the game, where, regardless of how the story unfolds, it has to constantly integrate action to keep the player’s interest in the player and have a sense of progression, parallel to the plot. It is a video game, after all!

In another interview, Druckmann also spoke of the possibility of doing The Last of Us Part 3, and claims to have already thought of the draft of the story, although they are not thinking about it yet. In the meantime, we’ll have the HBO series, which will adapt the first game (and hopefully it works out so they adapt the story from the second a little later). And if not, we have the work of the fans, with short Y films inspired by the Naughty Dog game …

Fountain: IGN