Spider-man it has many attributes that make it special. Not only is it capable of climbing walls and throwing cobwebs strong enough to withstand heavy weights without breaking, allowing you to travel comfortably around the city jumping between the tallest skyscrapers, but it also has its “arachnid sense“a quality that warns you of danger on occasions when any normal person would be at the mercy of any threat. This perception, infamously called” tickle “at times, is without a doubt one of the peculiarities of Marvel’s wall-crawler.

Now Adidas has partnered (again) with Donovan Mitchell, player of the Utah Jazz, to launch a new pair of Addidas DON sneakers that, this time, will appeal to Spider-Man’s arachnid sense to guarantee victory.

Starting next May 1, the Adidas DON Issue 2, a pair of themed sneakers with the characteristic traits of Spider-Man’s arachnid sense in comics and animated series. Although perhaps the pattern of colors evokes us more to Spider-gwen.

This pair of sneakers is a new stop on the long road ahead for the arrival of Spider-Man: No Way Home, the new Marvel wall-crawler movie embodied by Tom holland, which will hit theaters, if all goes well, next December. We are also attentive to the advances of Spider-Man: A New Universe 2, the future animated film that will seek to repeat the success of the original 2018 film, with Miles Morales willing to ally with more Spider-people from other realities.

What do you think of the Adidas DON Issue 2 from Spider-Man?