Two weeks have passed since Fortnite Season 6 said hello its patch 16.20 and the time has come to welcome a new update that comes with some very desirable news for players of the popular battle royale from Epic Games.

After a few days in which we have been able to see the incorporation or the announcement of skins as prominent as Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn or Neymar Jr himself. Now it’s time to check what changes Fortnite has incorporated into its playable proposal.

Fortnite update 16.30: MTL Soccer ball, Neymar skin, the new Unstable Arch, skins and much more (patch notes)

New MTL: Soccer ball, Soil regenerates …

The update is not short on ways to change the scene. Patch 16.30 brings us a good number of limited-time modes. Soccer Ball is about an 8v8 showdown with unlimited comebacks. Soil regenerates, on the other hand, it will force us to stay on dry land to stay safe.

To this incorporation are added modes known as the Command Contract, Bodyguards in squads, Single-shot in duos …

New weapon: Unstable Bow and incorporation of some already known

Unstable Bow joins Fortnite Season 6. This weapon will allow you to randomly launch one of these four projectiles: Fire Arrow, Shockwave Arrow, Grenade Arrow, or Stink Arrow. Apart from this bow, a new mythical one is also incorporated, the Raz explosive bow, the E-11 blaster and the Mando rifle and jetpack in the Mandalorian.

All new cosmetics from the update

This time patch 16.30 brings us a lot of content like those mentioned Aloy skins, Neymar.Jr, new pack of Food Knights, Jules the Scrap Knight and much more.

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