The new plugin for firefoxValkyrie PS Store“, allows users to access old PS Store web pages stored in As shown in the video that we include in the news, the store is fully functional and it’s possible buy content and download it to consoles.

It is also possible to manually access the old PlayStation Store, also for Firefox users, as simple as copying and pasting URLs on the achive website itself. SIE launched the last replay of the PS Store for the web in October, shortly before the launch of Playstation 5 the month after that.

ttps: //

In addition to a renewed design, the new store eliminated the possibility of buying games and accessories from PS3, PS Vita and PSP, including apps, themes and avatars for PS4; the wish list was removed in the same way. But everything can be bought despite this in the PS Store through specific consoles, until the PSP store closes in July, that will be closed anyway.

However, since last October it was not possible to buy PlayStation content for these platforms from the store on the website. But how Sony reversed the decision to close the PlayStation Store for PS3 and Vita, What Jim ryan He said “we made the wrong decision“, all content will remain available.

About 140 PlayStation games would have been unavailable if the shutdown had gone into effect, although now the impact is less; but impact at the end of the day. Around 35 digital PSP games could disappear after the close of July.

Ubisoft will shut down the servers of some of its older games starting in June

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