That Resident Evil Village is a highly anticipated game everyone knows, that Lady Dimitrescu it has become a sensation whether you are a fan of the series or not, too. In Japan they are not going to fall short as in Hong Kong with the bus to promote the game, so they have launched a series of announcements for the occasion of the premiere next month.

Through a tweet promoted by the game account, if you publish images and comments about the demo with the hashtag # ヴ ィ レ ッ ジ 体 験 版 you can choose to win one Dimitrescu towel. The promotion started last April 16, but will last until May 3, and you just have to respond to the tweet about the towel where -for comparison- a video with a 180cm man by his side; the towel is almost 3 meters.

Although there is another different award, a poster with Chris and Ethan, something easier since you just have to RT this tweet. Unfortunately, they only ship in Japan, but if you read us from there you will be able to participate, for the towel 3 winners will be chosen, for the poster a total of 100. Now, what?what other strange ways are there to promote the game in Japan?

Well, on the one hand with songs made by popular singers, such as This one, what can you see? in a video published by the Biohazard’s official account sung by Ikuzo Yoshi. At the moment, focused on demos that have been on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. But there are also some more in which they just play and record their reactions stop with the game.

In these videos that we comment on, they are on the one hand Eikō Kano Japanese comedian and singer, and by another Enako, cosplayer and Japanese voice actress. While they play they suffer a little from the game, most likely because they are not used to this type of game.

Resident Evil Village Castle Demo Trailer, Available This Weekend on PlayStation

¿What do you think of these forms of Capcom to promote Resident Evil Village?

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