Many months before Playstation 5 went on sale, and even before we knew a release date and / or price, they started rumors arise. These excited the future players of the console as some said that it would have full backward compatibility with past Sony generations.

Which was a disappointment when the company itself, or rather Jim Ryan, said that PS5 will not be backward compatible with PS3, PS2 or PS1. A jug of cold water that was solved a bit with Ryan himself stating that it would have backward compatibility with “99% of PS4 games”, however this is a Sony’s very pending subject in the field of excellence that Microsoft has done.

However, users have not given up in an attempt to get this from Sony, something that has been reflected in a macro survey by GameSpot. In this, called “What better still do you want for PS5?“, in which they have voted more than 90,000 people, different options were given such as organization by folders, Quick Resume -also made by Microsoft for Xbox Series X / S- or others.

But one of these options, PS1-PS3 games on PSN has taken 72% of the total votes, being the most popular of the survey and an example of priorities. Along with the survey, GameSpot posted the message: “We wanted to know what interested you the most for PS5 after Sony’s first major update for PS5 since its launch and the PS1-PS3 games on PSN have taken the game“.

Although there are many others commenting on the fact that they want a PS5, period, since today it is still very difficult to get one; with Xbox Series X / S it is also complicated. Despite this, there are some things in which Microsoft is cum laude with his console, if we compare them with a PS5.

5 things Xbox Series X and PS5 can’t do

For now, and although they rectified with the closure of digital stores for PS3 and PS Vita, it is true that those from Redmond stressed the importance of the physical format and backward compatibility.