Ubuntu 21.04 is now available with Wayland by default

ubuntu 21.04

Fulfilling the planned schedule Canonical has announced the launch of Ubuntu 21.04, a new intermediate version of the distribution that does not stand out for including a large number of new features, rather the opposite, although it does have them of interest both for the home user and for the professional, although it is not a version recommended in neither of the two cases due to the meager support of only nine months.

With everything, Ubuntu 21.04 is the new thing of the number one distro of the Linux desktop and not only in its original form, but also in the rest of the ‘family’, which includes the main Linux desktop environments, and as there are many users who like to be up to date … . White and bottled. Or rather, orange and in ISO, although the offer is, as we have just pointed out, multicolored if you want to go beyond the canonical Ubuntu.

All the information in muylinux

The entry Ubuntu 21.04 is now available with Wayland by default it is original from MuyComputer

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