The mother trilogy (or Earthbound in the West) is not one of the best known in RPGs, but it has been one of the most influential for its stories and setting, far from swashbuckling fantasy or science fiction, and focused in human characters and urban environments with many doses of magical realism. That style, we could say that postmodern, influenced Toby Fox to create the acclaimedor Undertale, and has also found its way into many other indie projects.

One of those games is Oddventure, an RPG from the Polish studio Infamous Rabbit, which has been announced for Nintendo Switch and Steam. Its planned launch is still far, the third quarter of 2022, but there is already a trailer, details and very soon a Kickstarter campaign, which you can support if the project catches your attention.

Oddventure is defined as a JRPG starring Charlie, a rebellious and nihilistic teenager with social anxiety problems, as she searches for her little brother, in a realm inspired by the mythology of the Grimm’s tales … with a dark twist and “Nietzschesco”.

The fighting will be turn-based, classic, but with the twist that you will use the mood of the characters. The elections will be very important, and they all count for the future of history.

Promise a bittersweet story with black humor, and if you played Undertale or one of the Earthbound you will already imagine what to expect.

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The Kickstarter campaign will kick off on May 6, so stay tuned for social networks of the study to know when you can support it. Although it won’t be ready until well into 2022, there is a demo on steam.

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