Although it had been talking for some time about the possible future existence of a European Super League, it was not until a couple of days ago that it became official in a statement that has turned the football world upside down, with many detractors but also with a lot of support. , and this has thrown many doubts about what will happen in this sport in the coming years.

But without a doubt, the hypothetical advent of the Super League this summer or in 2022, can change the world of football as we know it, and possibly also the video games that are launched as a future FIFA 22 that would have to adapt, along with other football titles .

And there are even people who have not hesitated to “simulate” this Super League from which 12 founding clubs originally signed (6 have already retired), and that more teams could join.

Well the youtuber Cherry blossom he had no better idea than to “simulate” the hypothetical European Super League, although to make sense of it, he has included some teams such as PSG or Borussia Dortmund that have not signed. Nor has he divided the competition into two groups or ventured into the final heats, but at least it is a first attempt.

In this first simulation, Liverpool (now disengaged) found themselves at the top of the table at the end, followed by Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Manchester City (now disengaged), PSG, Dortmund and Atlético de Madrid. At least Spanish football has been at the top.

In any case, if you are one of those who are looking forward to the European Super League to see great matches week by week or you are directly dissatisfied with the current Champions League and you want something much more exciting, programs like FIFA 21 and its creation of tournaments, you they will allow you to live it virtually, in case it never happens …