The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles confirmed in the West, this summer on Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Steam

The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles confirmed in the West, this summer on Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Steam

The Great Ace Attorney is finally leaving Japan. He will do it July 27, on Nintendo Switch, PS4 and PC, under the package of The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles, which includes both games released from this spin-of / prequel to the Ace Attorney series, with a predecessor to Phoenix Wright in the 19th century.

Until now, The Great Ace Attorney: Adventures (2015) and The Great Ace Attorney 2: Resolve (2017) were exclusive to Japan, on Nintendo 3DS, iOS and Android. This series has always been out of Japan, including its latest major installment, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice on 3DS, in 2016. The exception were these two games, set in the 19th century, in Japan (the Meiji period) and in England (the Victorian era).

Shu takumi, games director, introduces the news in this video, also showing the novelties of this new edition that were not in the 3DS originals.

For example, there will be a new “Story Mode”, which will reduce the difficulty by eliminating the search for clues or dialogue in the trials, for those who prefer to enjoy their many stories in a relaxed way, as if it were a visual novel. Between the two games they promise more than 50 hours between all cases.

The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles

Also added is an illustration gallery, comments from the art director and video scenes, additional costumes … The dialogues have been dubbed into English, but you can also listen to the original in Japanese. OBJECTION or IGIARI?

It was never known exactly why these 3DS games didn’t come out of Japan … although it probably has to do with the licensing issue. Sherlock Holmes, a guest character from the game, and which is kept in The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles … with the name of Herlock Sholmes.

The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles

In any case, fans around the world of this very particular series of adventure and visual novel will finally be able to enjoy the two Great Ace Attorney on PS4, Switch and Steam, with dialogues dubbed in Japanese or English. And the texts? The latest games in the series They were not translated into Spanish. We will see if it is pronounced Capcom Spain …

What we do know is that, at least in Spain, it will come only in digital format, as confirmed by Koch Media. Will also be released un bundle in conjunction with The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles and Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy, the latter already available on those three platforms, currently at a price of 29.99 euros.

Source: Koch Media, Capcom

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