As one of the most important PC video game platforms in the world, in Steam can be found everything And given the years in which it has been operating, many users have had time. Some games library is beyond average and this was causing problems for them.

Did you know that Steam crashed when a specific number of games were reached? A few days ago a failure was reported that caused Valve’s store would crash if more than 25,000 games were stored. It seems that the error has already been fixed.

With an update to the Steam client, Valve added a small indicative specifying the fix of a bug that caused Steam to crash if a user had this astronomical number of games.

And who has 25,000 games on Steam? It is certainly a good question, but the best of all is that it is not a single isolated case, but, according to Steamladder, there is more. The analysis website linked to Steam has found up to three public profiles that exceeded that number. These couldn’t access Steam, but Valve has managed to reverse the situation so that the cap is not 25,000.

Years have passed, but we have finally been able to know what the Steam limit was, so far of course. In case you’re curious, Steam currently has approximately more than 51,000 games and it is expected that in just a few years this figure will rise to 100,000. Having half the catalog is quite a feat for digital collectors.

At the moment, a user owns about 33,000 games on their account. If you want to expand your library, you may be interested to know that Steam has announced the open world sales for the next month of May.

Fountain: Overclock3D