Cyberpunk 2077 was going to have many features that in the end were a I want and I can’t by CD Projekt, one of them was this one to run on the walls. Even though since CDPR they said they would be eliminated by “design issues“, a modder of the game has implemented it to the title to give them the life that it was going to have.

The mod Wall-Run by Saturne It is a project still in process, but that can already be tested, once you try it, you just have to double jump next to a wall to walk through it. The modder explains that he has labeled it in a specific way, as you could walk through a wall if you don’t look straight ahead and that you can’t run all over the walls of the game.

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Don’t expect something great, it can hardly be used at the moment. It’s just a proof of concept for me“said Saturne, the creator of the mod. Before this feature was removed, we saw it slightly during the gameplay reveal at E3 2018, be seen V run down a wall and then use his Mantis Blades to take a look around the place.

Max pears, CDPR tier designer, confirmed to Game Reactor that this I know removed from end game. “Ah, running on the walls, we removed that for design reasons, but there will still be a lot of flexibility in how to move around, that’s for sure“, it said. We leave you with a small clip of what the mod would be like.

It remains to be seen if it will be possible to do with this mod everything shown in the game by CD Projekt, although it is very cool to do just this. Remember that last month the great patch 1.2 was released with the many changes for the game, but that just a week ago the fast patch 1.2 arrived with some more.

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For now Cyberpunk 2077 continues to give problems to many players, but at least not as many as it had at launch.

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