New Pokémon Snap welcomes us to the Lensis region, with its new trailer for Nintendo Switch

New Pokémon Snap welcomes us to the Lensis region, with its new trailer for Nintendo Switch

Have you already prepared your camera? Well, hurry up, because in a few days you will be able to enjoy New Pokémon Snap, the sequel to the classic Nintendo 64 game. This new exclusive to Nintendo Switch will hit stores on April 30, with lots of news and all kinds of Pokémon.

We already show you the new Pokémon GO event in tribute to this new title, or the reasons why Nintendo has taken 22 years to launch a sequel to Pokémon Snap. Now the Big N shares an extensive trailer in Spanish where they welcome us to the Lensis region, archipelago where the events of New Pokémon Snap take place.

Although we already knew some of these details, this trailer for New Pokémon explains the context and situation of the game, as well as aspects of its playability and possibilities that could have gone unnoticed. As is usual in the saga, we will have the help of a teacher (this time it will be the Professor Mirror), which will guide us through the different islands of the Lensis archipelago.

As it happened in the original, New Pokémon Snap presents us different habitats, with different Pokémon that we will find in each of these. Of course, we will have the so-called Lumini Orbs, some objects that will produce a unique reaction in each Pokémon, in order to collaborate in Professor Espejo’s research. As a note, it will not be mandatory to use these orbs.

New Pokémon Snap proposes us to take the best photographs of each type of Pokémon (a total of 113 in this game), and to claim their attention we can feed them berries, play songs or use the aforementioned orbs. Not only does our camera take photos, it can also scan fingerprints, detect clues and much more. To move around the islands of Lensis, we can use a vehicle.

The objective, as in the entire Pokémon saga, is to complete the call PhotoDex, a photographic dossier that compiles the 113 species and will reward us for accomplishing certain tasks or challenges. Our level will go up depending on the quality of the photos we take, as well as the progress we make in the Professor’s investigation. We can even run into some Legendary Pokémon.

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All this and much more can be seen in this new trailer, which has English voices and Spanish subtitles, so you can know all the news about New Pokémon Snap. We have shared this video above.

New Pokémon Snap goes on sale next April 30th, exclusively for Nintendo Switch. If you played the original title and want to relive the experience, do not hesitate to get it. And in case you didn’t play it, here is an unbeatable opportunity.

Source: Nintendo

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