Forget about cables: add extra hours to your PS5 DualSense with this battery for just over 20 euros

Forget about cables: add extra hours to your PS5 DualSense with this battery for just over 20 euros

One of the most notable improvements of the DualSense regarding the DualShock was the duration of its battery, promising up to 15 hours of autonomy so that you play without rest. But if you like video games, you know that 15 hours, in the end, they know little.

If you don’t like the idea of ​​playing with cables When your DualSense battery runs out, why do it? It’s amazon you have this portable battery that perfectly fits your DualSense and gives it extra hours of life, and for only 20 euros.

This battery is designed to fit the back of your DualSense without disturbing or adding a lot of extra grams, so you will hardly notice the difference. The only difference will be that you will forget about the distance limitation, because you will not have to use the cables.

This battery has its own USB-C connector to hold on, so it won’t move regardless of how hard you play. It’s quite compact, but don’t be fooled by its size: has a capacity of 1,500 mAh, giving you several hours of additional gameplay without having to rely on the cable.

Thus, this battery becomes a great accessory if you like to spend hours in front of your PlayStation 5, although another option is to get a charging base so, in addition to charging your DualSense while you play (or not), have everything well organized.

It is a much more affordable option than having to buy another additional DualSense, especially since there are not yet many controls licensed by Sony to other brands, so this could be one of the essential accessories in PS5.

Buy now this additional battery for your DualSense for 20 euros and enjoy it as soon as possible thanks to Amazon prime or Prime Student. Registering is free and you can take advantage of its benefits for one or three months for free and with no commitment to stay.

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