First images of No Man of God, the new movie about Ted Bundy with Luke Kirby and Elijah Wood

First images of No Man of God, the new movie about Ted Bundy with Luke Kirby and Elijah Wood

After delighting us on Netflix with the documentary Conversations with Killers: The Ted Bundy Tapes and the film Extremely Cruel, Evil and Perverse, it’s time to make room for a new movie based on the famous kidnapper, thief, rapist and serial killer of women who was acting during the 70’s.

This film, titled No Man of God, focuses on the interviews they had Ted Bundy and the FBI agent Bill hagmaier before the execution of the murderer, as well as the peculiar relationship they forged. Will be the actors Luke kirby (Glass, The Wonderful Mrs. Maisel, Your Best Friend, Sorry for Your Loss) and Elijah Wood (I don’t feel so comfortable in this world anymore, Corrupt Cops, Come to Daddy, Open Windows) who play Ted Bundy and Bill Hagmaier respectively.

“The movie is actually made up of a series of conversations and those conversations are drawn in part from actual conversations and then Bill’s memories of these conversations,” Elijah Wood commented in an interview for the magazine. Entertainment Weekly, who has exclusively launched the first images of No Man of God. You can take a look at the images.

In fact, in order for the film to be as accurate as possible, Agent Hagmaier was consulted directly. “I became good friends with him,” commented the director Amber sealey (No Light and No Land Anywhere). “He was wonderful and very available. I would call him up and ask him, ‘How does this feel?’ I could ask him about the emotional stuff, the familiar stuff, and then all the way to, ‘What color belts would you wear?’

Interestingly, at first Luke Kirby refused to play Ted Bundy in the movie No Man of God, but Amber Sealey managed to convince him to join the project after much effort, as he explained to the medium below.

“We had some really talented brilliant actors interested in the role, but I couldn’t get Luke out of my head,” stated the director. “We just went through the normal channels, through his representatives, and he turned it down. I was like no, he has to play Bundy. I knew some of his friends, I chased him down and said, ‘Just meet me, just to talk and get to know each other. ‘We ended up liking each other a lot as friends and I was like,’ Look, all the reasons you don’t want to play Bundy are exactly the reasons I want you to play him. ‘So he said’ Yes. ‘

The movie No Man of God is coming to theaters soon.

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