It is a very special year for the Portal saga, from ValveYes, yesterday we celebrated the 10 years of Portal 2 since its premiere on Steam, today Portal Reloaded therefore receives a very special update. The mod has been released for this very special fact, but in any case it is a blessing to have new content around such a special game.

Portal 2 was a challenging game, as well as fun, but in the title developed by Valve all you had to worry about was the space and dimensions of each test. However,have you thought about what would happen when elements such as weather are introduced into the game?

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With this new premise is presented Portal Reloaded, the free mod made by the community available on Steam released yesterday April 19 for the game’s 10th anniversary. It has up to 25 new test chambers and a new color, so now the portal gun is not dual and it becomes tricolor.

In addition to preserving classic blue and orange colors, green will allow the player to move through time, enjoy solving puzzles in a timeline, use the green portal and travel to another era to solve it 20 years later. As we say, Portal Reloaded is freeIf you have Portal 2 in your library of course.

What is most surprising, a little more even, is that the mod Portal Reloaded has featured voice actors and even an original soundtrack, which makes the work of this community more incredible.

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If you dare play Portal Reloaded, and you liked it a lot Portal 2 for example, it is a perfect excuse to recall the Valve game with a different touch.