Nintendo Switch has received between April 19 and 20 (depending on your time zone) a new firmware update, the 12.0.1. There have been no features or news in this update, and they only mention improving system stability.

Version 12.00 came out two weeks ago, April 6, which also didn’t bring any visible changes to the player, but it did fix an issue that existed when backing up.

As always, new firmware updates are done automatically or when you are about to start a new game, although you can also do it automatically from the Console Settings menu, the “Console” option and check which is the latest version of the active system.

The last update that brought important news to the system was in December 2020, the 11.00, which added the automatic download of the data saved in the cloud (with subscription to Nintendo Switch Online), the possibility of prioritizing downloads or the option to transfer the screenshots to the smartphone, through a QR code.

Therefore, it is possible that in a few months we will have an update with news in the system. At this point in the film we have given up on our desire to have themes to decorate the menu and things like that, although it is possible that we will obtain a significant improvement: the incorporation of support for bluetooth audio, which would finally allow you to connect wireless headphones.

Another option is that we receive an update from the Nintendo Switch Online service, as it has been almost two years since the Super Nintendo games were added, and since then there has been little more news, beyond new games added to the catalog at a rate very slow (and not always posh, let’s say).

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