The Sykov pistols from Call of Duty Modern Warfare were implemented with the April 15 update, hours later players already saw how powerful they were. Fortunately, Raven Software realized and promised changes in the season 3 patch. Happy news, since the Sykov can be a real threat, but that is not counting the new exploit we are talking about.

When you unlock all Sykov additions, you can equip Ghost and you will have two pistols recoilless and automatic with 80 rounds. If something like that, just looking at what the exploit might be, is dangerous to you, then take a look at the exploit in motion.

When you want to join in on the fun, but don’t want to play on easy mode. desde r / CODWarzone

As you can see in the video, the exploit from Call of Duty Warzone what it does is give you two Sykov pistols with perfect aim. This is already beginning to capture the attention of fans and regular players and Tommey (one of the best known in the world) said in another video: “I was about to walk in and this is the first thing I see in the morning“.

There are already many users and players who comment on it, but now they even give advice on it, they affirm that best pulled out in Plunder. Still, it can be done in normal modes, so if the Sykov were already mortal, imagine that an enemy takes two and with the benefits he has without nothing hurts you.

For now, we will wait until a solution can be reached, because right now we have little or no idea of how the exploit works. Although if we had it, we would not explain it with hair and signs either, it is one more way to cheat.

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What is clear is the community concern, since something like this should be patched as soon as possible; especially considering that Season 3 is coming.