Wyatt Russell joined Falcon and the Winter Soldier because he knew fans would hate John Walker

The actor who gives life to the new Captain America of Falcon and Winter Soldier responds for the first time to hatred and criticism

Now that Marvel has decided to continue expanding its universe using television, or rather the Disney + streaming platform, andThis is serving to introduce new and interesting characters that, perhaps, They would never have had their opportunity in the cinema, especially since the format of chapters in the series gives more opportunity to expand.

And although there are some characters that the fans are liking a lot, there are others who have managed to grow their hatred, such as John Walker, the new Captain America from Falcon and the Winter Soldier, who has failed to gain sympathy. From the fans, precisely the reason why Wyatt Russell, the actor who plays him, decided to take the role, knowing that he was not an easy character.

“It’s part of the reason I like it, he knew people were going to hate him [a John Walker]. That is why you do it. You get that response and you say, “great, it’s working.” I am that kind of person who lives in a gray area, which is where we should all live. If you don’t live there it will be very difficult for you to get to know who you are, because you are limiting the questions you can ask yourself and ask others … What this character transmits to people is that he lives in a gray area and that there is an area gray that surrounds us all, “explained Russell in an interview with Esquire.

John Walker may have been walking in a gray area throughout the entire Falcon and the Winter Soldier series, but it’s clear that in the last chapter you will walk to another much more defined area, especially watching the post-credits scene from the last episode …

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