Trailer of Great White, to be scared with a white shark

Trailer of Great White, to be scared with a white shark

Now that vaccines are starting to kick in in countries around the world, people are starting to trust the summer again and that means maybe we can see some of the classic releases of the summer season, like a scary movie in the middle of the sea.

A film that comes from Australia and is titled Great White, in reference to the great white shark that plans to make life impossible for a group of tourists who have been adrift at sea. Directed by Martin Wilson, the film has released its first trailer in which you can see an almost intelligent shark?

“We’ve all been afraid of getting in the water since 1975 [cuando se estrenó Tiburón de Steven Spielberg] And Great White is going to keep us in that fear for a few more years. There’s no better time than summer to bring this horror thriller to theaters for the public to see, “explained Mark Ward, head of RLJE who has acquired the distribution rights to the film.

Inspired by true events, Great White is based on our most primitive fear of the deep., and gives new material for nightmares in the form of the most dangerous predator in the ocean “, explains the synopsis of the film, which at the moment has no release date in Spain, but it seems that it is going to reach theaters in the United States .

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