The Stark Tower is one of the most characteristic emblems of the MCU, since it is where the Avengers meet and even, where they have battled on more than one occasion. And as a good place of worship that it is for Marvel fans, LEGO has its own version.

But the good news is that you can get this Avengers LEGO Tower at an all-time low price on Amazon. Which? Neither more nor less than 63 euros thanks to a discount that you can get when processing your order.

Get the LEGO Tower of The Avengers for 63 euros

As you see on the page, the price is 85.49 euros, but you can save more than 20 euros. To get the Tower for 63 euros, you just have to add it to your cart and the benefit of the promotion will be applied once you process the order.

For that price it is very worth having this great model with almost 700 pieces, which reaches about dimensions of 35.4 x 37.8 x 7.05 centimeters. The tower includes Black Widow’s Sky Cycle garage, Rector Arc’s room, an armory, a laboratory, a cell, and two balconies.

The tower can be opened to reveal its five floors, where you can recreate your favorite scenes thanks to its cells with explosive opening, collapsing balconies and rocket launchers, in addition to its figurines.

The minifigures included are seven in total: Black Widow, Red Skull, two AIM agents, and Iron Man with their additional Blazer and Tazer armor. Also included are mind-blowing details and accessories, like a drone model and Thanos’ gauntlet.

This toy is perfect for children from 8 years old, as well as being a very original gift for Marvel fans for just 63 euros on Amazon when placing your order. Take advantage of Amazon prime and receive them right at home to take your little one to the epicenter of the action with this fantastic tower.