PS5 has the same problem as PS3 and PS4: Sony has complete control over how long you can play on the console

PS5 has the same problem as PS3 and PS4: the battery of the watch also depends on PSN and without it you will not be able to play and / or connect

It seems that the poor decisions of Sony on consoles that prevented playing on PS3 and PS4, now splash PS5, according to a tweet from the game and console preservation group DoesItPlay. In the new console you will not be able to play if the clock battery (known as CMOS) stops working and will not be able to connect to Sony servers.

What this means is that, if you can replace the PS5 CMOS, the games will be lost again in a future when Sony decides to shut down servers. Initial tests suggest that this only has an impact, at the moment, in digital games, although if it is something like in PS4 the games in physical format will also be affected; community referred to as the CBOMB.

This from CBOMB refers to the Sony consoles are like time bombs when it comes to DRM used, since they depend on the CMOS and the servers, PS5 being similar to the others. Which means that if the watch’s battery stops working, it will not be playable on the console, but even more so – since this was discovered on PS4 whether digital or physical – it will not be playable on PS5, but for now this seems to be limited. to digital ones.

This “failure” was discovered on PS4 for trophies, they need the internal clock to work and prevent the date and time from being changed and thus the system is not abused. Based on these tests, PS5 has the same system, and although it is easy to replace the CMOSBy the time Sony decides to shut down servers as happened weeks ago, we are in the same scenario. “The CMOS can only have a fixed time in two ways: PSN or hacks“, He said Does it Play a IGN India.

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If we get to the worst, like it’s the same as on PS4, if Sony decides to shut down servers on PS5, we do not have much legality if we want to play on the console. Therefore, the company has less and less interest in preserving games and consoles, something much later than what it already stressed -and continues to emphasize- Microsoft.

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Disappointing, to say the least, that Sony chooses silence on game preservation and game legacyIf the industry wants to remain relevant, it is vitally important that it be preserved in order to continue having access to our past; something Sony fails miserably at.

Fountain: IGN India

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