In Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead, zombies may not be the bad guys

Trailer of Army of the Dead, Zack Snyder's zombie movie coming to Netflix in May

This is being a great year for Zack Snyder, after the director has been away from the media spotlight for a while, he has returned stronger and more successful, because After premiering his long-awaited version of Justice League, he will release his new movie in May on Netflix.

Titled The Army of the Dead, it could imply that the “bad guys” are the zombies we saw for the first time in the trailer released a few days ago, but according to the director’s own statements, the undead may simply be the victims of a greater evil.

As Zack Snyder himself has explained, the zombies, who are now locked up in Las Vegas, were the victims of something that went wrong in Area 51, and as you can see in the trailer for Army of the Dead, they have formed a kind of society in which they are run by self-aware zombies whom the director calls Alphas.

“I want viewers to have the opportunity to feel empathy. The Alphas have consciousness, they know what they are and they are not like us. I have wanted to create this moral ambiguity about whether the humans that we love have crossed a line that they should not cross. Are they getting into where they don’t get called while the Alphas didn’t bother anyone? Do the Alphas have a moral superiority? These questions muddy the water in an interesting way, “Snyder explained to Empire.

That is, these zombies may have been locked up, for example by the government, so as not to cause damage to society, and while they live together and try to get ahead in their kind of society, some humans arrive led by Dave Bautista who bring weapons. . Who is the bad guy in the movie? It will have to be seen on May 21 on Netflix.

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