Great works of painting reimagined with comic book characters as protagonists

Great works of painting reimagined with comic book characters as protagonists

Although in many occasions, the internet is dark and harbors horrors, sometimes it also serves as a catalyst to publicize works as impressive as those of these artists who have decided reimagine great works in the history of painting with comic book characters as protagonists.

In an initiative launched by the web CBR, who asked his Twitter followers to propose classic paintings with comic characters as protagonists, vSeveral artists have created impressive illustrations in which you can see what it would look like, for example, Picasso’s pianist if his protagonist were the White Violin from The Umbrella Academy.

But this is not the only one, as you can see in the image gallery below, the painting of the Mexican painter, Frida Kahlo, Las dos Fridas It has been one of the most mentioned having two possible versions, one with the Hulk and the other with Harley Quinn. In addition to the creation of Shazam in one of the best-known paintings of the multifaceted Michelangelo.

From Van Gogh can see two paintings, one of The Starry Night with a Silver Surfer camouflaged between the shapes of the clouds and the stars and another starring Dr. Doom who this time replaces the painter in his own self-portrait.

We also have Spider-Man, with his classic pose from when he meets his double, covering the famous painting by Andy Warhol starring Elvis, or the Scarlet Witch and Vision couple having a passionate Klimts-style kiss.

What other paintings would you have liked to cover and with what comic book characters?

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