Unlock Secret Side Mission 55 in Outriders

Unlock Secret Side Mission 55 in Outriders

Outriders is one of the fashionable games on PC and consoles, the result of a very attractive cooperative proposal, which differs from what we have seen in other hero shooters such as Destiny 2. The title of People Can Fly hides some secret missions that can only be activated following certain steps.

As you know, Outriders has un campaign mode through which you can reach level 30, and to go further (and get weapons and equipment of level 50) you must face the Expeditions, with three levels of difficulty and progress based on challenge levels.

But we are here to talk about side missions, which are very common in Outriders. Each area of ​​the planet Enoch has a series of missions spread over the scenarios, and specifically, there are one that hides in a specific area of ​​the map and that it will only be activated if we follow a few steps.




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If you want to complete this mission and find out how to access it in Outriders, here is a small guide to be able to add this secret mission, Forgotten Chapel, to your list of missions in the People Can Fly and Square Enix looter shooter for PC and consoles.

How to unlock the secret mission ” Forgotten Chapel ” in Outriders

The secret mission 55, better known as Forgotten chapel, is one of the secondary missions that we can find in a specific area of ​​the planet Enoch. However, if we go to that place without having fulfilled a series of conditions, this mission will not appear.

In order to unlock the Forgotten Chapel mission, you must activate three hidden pedestals in the Grand Obelisk canyon, which surely you have found but did not know the function they had. In addition, it is necessary to complete 3 of the 6 missions available in this area.

To make your task easier, we are going to reveal to you where is each pedestal, so you can unlock the mission. Remember that this is a complete guide, and that this secret mission does not really offer a huge reward for the Outriders player.

  • The first pedestal It is at the exit of the camp, not far from the entrance of the Great Obelisk canyon. To be able to see it more easily, you should look at the characteristic blue glow that it gives off.
  • The second pedestal it’s further down the main road from the camp. Once you pass the stairs and go through the door, you have to notice a corpse near a staircase. Turn around and go up the stairs in front to find the column in the ruins, thus finding the second pedestal.
  • Finally, the third pedestal is found near the monolith, shortly after the scene with August and Tiago. Do not go directly to the front stairs, turn around and go up the stairs that are in front of the entrance.

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Once you activate these three pedestals, the mission Forgotten chapel will appear on your Outriders quest list. If you select it, you can go to the chapel, near the edge of Cliffside Path. All you have to do is enter the sealed room and Get juicy loot with legendary weapons and gear.

As we have said, more than a mission it is a secret place, with the incentive of obtaining this legendary loot. If you follow the steps we have given you and activate the pedestals, you will be able to get this reward.

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