This 50-inch Samsung 4K Smart TV has Alexa and you can ask it to put series or movies with your voice: on sale for 570 euros

This 50-inch Samsung 4K Smart TV has Alexa and you can ask it to put series or movies with your voice: on sale for 570 euros

The television is not a simple appliance, it has even become one of the main furniture in the house. And with the rise of video streaming platforms like Netflix, Disney + and Prime Video, they are even more relevant. Especially if they are televisions with Smart TV functions. A good option if you are looking for a new television that meets these characteristics and is also perfect for playing video games in Next-gen consoles like the PS5 and Xbox Series X is this Samsung QE50Q60T. And besides everything, it has Alexa.

Is a Samsung Smart TV with a 50-inch screen and QLED technology, which is one of the best known on the market for its good value for money. Offers resolution 4K, which together with the fact that it is from a very good brand, since it has Alexa As a smart assistant, it makes it an ideal purchase, mainly being able to buy it right now for 570 euros on eBay.

Today eBay is not simply a store where you can sell second-hand products. Many stores sell on eBay, and it is actually very similar to Amazon. This television is brand new, and right now It has become a star purchase, so if you consider buying it, You better hurry

It is unthinkable to acquire a new television that is not 4K right now. The new game consoles already reach the maximum resolution, so this should be a must-have feature. The size of screen is 50 inches, so it is large, but without becoming giant, which fits normal-size dining rooms and gives us versatility to use it in a room, or to integrate it into a piece of furniture, as well as to hang without presenting us too many problems .

Being a Smart tv, you may install apps like Netflix, Prime Video, or Disney +, so you can put a movie or series without having to use any other device. In fact, it also has Amazon’s smart assistant, Alexa. Thanks to this, you will not need or have to search for the movie you want to see, you will only have to ask for it by means of a voice command. If you also have the TV connected to a sound system, you can listen to music just by saying a few words and with good quality.

For 570 euros it is a television with a lot of features, updated to what quality television should be today, and from a highly reputable brand. A safe purchase.

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