They discover a new detail about Red Dead Redemption 2 that has to do with the fish in the game

They discover a new detail about Red Dead Redemption 2 that has to do with the fish in the game

Rockstar games got what many studies wanted, represent authentic animal life in a game, something that has been seen again in the fish of Red Dead Redemption 2. Although many did and approached it, very few have approached one like the one Rockstar made it into their last open world title and sequel to Red Dead Redemption.

The world in the game takes place with many details, sometimes small, but that help to feel life in the title, such as the cycles or the setting. Although what helps the most are those of wildlife and ecosystem, with amazing resemblances to reality with examples in wolves, for example, and other animals.

This detail has been found by a player of Red Dead Redemption 2, specifically the Reddit user Catterpill420, when encountering a waterfall in Barranco de Granito. On this site, game fish just like in real life, use the waterfall to move from point A to B, something their real world counterparts use to reach their nursery or spawning grounds.

But what’s more, the Reddit user also realized that some of the fish were not being able to reach to the highest water area, and instead they fell or stayed halfway. The same is true, but it is also an area for get fish in the game without having to try too hard.

Apparently the fish in RDR2 use waterfalls to get around, just like real fish do. However, some don’t make it and land on the ledge. A little detail I wanted to share. desde r / reddeadredemption

As we said, It is not the only interesting thing about the game with animals, those closest to plants or harmful spills have detrimental effects on the items, something that is in correlation with the reality and the action of the human being.

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Something similar happens with some quadrupeds, since many species in the west of the world become mangy due to lack of food and the loss of their natural habitats.

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