Predator creators sue Disney for franchise rights

Predator creators sue Disney for franchise rights

If you were one of the Predator fans who hoped that after the purchase of 20th Century Fox by Disney, a new movie of the alien monster would be made that would make you forget the one released in 2018, you will touch wait for the complaints that the writers of the original have made to Disney to be resolved and vice versa.

That’s right, as reported The Hollywood Reporter, Jim and John Thomas, authors of the original Predator screenplay, which was originally titled “Hunters,” has denounced Disney to recover the rights to the film franchise which began in 1987 with Arnold Schwarzenegger as the protagonist.

Under US law, authors of a work can claim copyright in their work as well as rights to exploit their work 35 years after the work was written. That is after 35 years the authors can claim their exploitation rights and prevent studios that have bought other studios, as is the case, from continuing to exploit his work without his approval.

As reflected in the complaint to which the publication has had access, the brothers asked to regain their rights in 2016 but never received a response. In response to the complaint, Disney has filed another, assuring that the brothers did not make the request correctly and therefore it is not valid.

If the complaint goes ahead and finally Disney loses the exploitation rights of Predator, which ended this April 17, it will be a great setback for the study, not only because I was already developing a new beginning of the saga with Dan Trachtenberg (10 Cloverfield Street), but because many authors of well-known 80’s films, who have already turned 35, could also claim their rights and leave them without millionaire franchises.

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