Nintendo would be preparing a “small announcement of Labo” before closing it

Nintendo would be preparing a "small announcement of Labo" before closing it

The range of Toys to Life toys, which most remember for the figurines to interact with the game along with the slogan “create, play and discover experiences“accompanied him by Nintendo with the launch of Labo. The Nintendo Labo range of toys was launched in part because of this experience, but also to encourage creativity on Nintendo Switch.

But now, as commented Akfamilyhome on Twitter, the Labo official North American website now redirects to normal page Labo VR. “I think it’s easy to assume that we won’t see any more Labo in the future“, he speculated through his account. To tell the truth, Nintendo Labo didn’t thrive on users long past its launch.

This has resulted in a response of Emily rogers, known Nintendo insider, which has been agreed on other occasions. “Hey, we’ll have one more little announcement before Labo leaves after sundown.“said Rogers, from the middle VGC They have claimed to have contacted Nintendo to clarify this situation.

On Nintendo of america There are several kits that appear out of stock, although they indicate availability in several stores, and although Nintendo UK continue with your operational website, all kits are out of stock; Nintendo Spain is still operational. Nintendo Labo kits sold more than a million units for end of 2018Modest numbers compared to other sales, the company insisted that this product would have to be seen in a different perspective than traditional games.

Shuntaro Furukawa, president of Nintendo, said in the financial results of 2019: “Before the first kit was released in April, we already expected sales and reception to be different from traditional games like Mario and Zelda.“.

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We will be at waiting for these possible announcements, since it is just this month of April when the three years of the Nintendo Labo launch; specifically, the next 20.

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