Mortal Kombat EXCLUSIVE featurette – why was it important to cast the cast well?

Bosslogic Unveils Official Mortal Kombat IMAX Poster

Although video games have not always come out very well from their film or television adaptations, it’s always okay to give a new video game adaptation a new try, especially if you have digital effects technology in the cinema like the one that exists today.

But as much as technology helps, always it is important to have actors who are capable of giving you what you are looking to convey in your film, a dilemma faced by the director Simon McQuoid when he started working on his adaptation of the Mortal Kombat video game, but which, as we see in this exclusive featurette, he was able to solve perfectly.

As McQuoid himself explains in the video, the fights in Mortal Kombat, like the video game, are super violent, so as much as the blood could be added by computer, it was necessary to find expert actors in martial arts to be able to give a greater realism to hand-to-hand fights. A quality that all the performers of the film have, and especially Joe Taslim.

Taslim, who plays the dangerous Sub-Zero, is one of the actors who has left the entire team the most impressed of Mortal Kombat, because his ability to fight and, especially, his speed, even caused conflicts with the cameras because of his speed. Mortal Kombat, the new adaptation of the classic video game that revolutionized the industry at the time of its launch, has already been released in theaters and here is our review.

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