Horizon Zero Dawn Step-by-Step Guide: Mother’s Heart

Horizon Zero Dawn Step-by-Step Guide: Mother's Heart

After passing the third chapter of “the tip of the spear”, we now come to the so-called “mother’s heart”, a mission that we can overcome in just 20 minutes because it is basically narrative with some exploration, to discover the ins and outs of the story.

There are some optional objectives that you can ignore, and that we are going to include you in the guide, so that you do not lose detail of this part of the adventure, since we will begin to have contact with one of the most important characters.

So join us through the mission called motherheart from Horizon Zero Dawn, belonging to the main story and where the narrative will undergo a new twist.

Horizon Zero Dawn Step-by-Step Guide: Mother’s Heart

As soon as we start, you must locate Rost that is near one of the Nora villages.

Once located, if you choose the option to say goodbye, you will advance to the next section of this mission, although first collect resources.

When you are in the town, in the center, look for the seller called Teb from whom you will have to buy the Valiente Nora outfit, because if not it will be impossible for the story to advance.

Once purchased, a kind of test will begin, where you will have to follow the marked path that the game shows you, arriving at a location where we observe a man offering a speech.

In this speech, you will observe that Aloy locates a mysterious man in the audience who also has a Spotlight, so as you can imagine, you will have to approach this man to advance in the narrative.

As soon as you have spoken with this character, whose name is Olin, you must go down the mountain until you reach the ceremony area. Talk to the mothers on stage first and then go to the altar. The idea is that the blessing ceremony begins. If you are not initiated this way, talk to all the characters who are at the ceremony.

Horizon zero dawn

Some users leave out one of the optional objectives of this mission which is, right at this moment in the story where the ceremony ends, is to talk to Olin again. You will find him nearby, and once said conversation has concluded, simply follow the path that the game shows you until you reach an area where you can start a conversation with Bast and Vala. After that, the mission ends.

Now you know how to overcome the mission called mother’s heart in Horizon Zero Dawn, a mission focused on the narrative.

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