Dominic Purcell leaves Legends of Tomorrow very angry with the studio

Dominic Purcell leaves Legends of Tomorrow very angry with the studio

Although DC fans cannot enjoy almost one movie a year of their favorite superheroes, as if they could do those of Marvel, they have television and the CW network to see their stories turned into series like Titans, Supergirl or Legends of Tomorrow.

This last series is made up of a group of superheroes, a la Justice League, among which is Heat Wave, who is very likely to leave the series soon, since the actor who plays him, Dominic Purcell, has announced his departure from Legends of Tomorrow in an angry Instagram post blaming the studio.

There is no agreement. I have no interest. No matter what money they offer at the corporate level. I’m leaving Legends of Tomorrow. It has been a pleasure and a humbling experience to bring to life the iconic DC Comics character, HeatWave (aka) Mick Rory. I’ve nailed that character, no actor in the world could have done better. It is a fact. What a fun guy … “, the actor wrote next to a strange photo in which he is seen enjoying a beer.

“Time to go ahead and see what the fuck awaits me. Caity Lotz and Nick Zano, take care of the children to come. They need an education. They are a number, teach them not to trust the loyalty of the study. The studio doesn’t care. Work ethic and talent should give them the confidence to question authority. Much love to all. How lucky I am is not lost on me … That the actors write to me for MD “.

Neither the chain nor the actor have clarified why this hasty departure is due, although so it seems it may be a disagreement between the two regarding the interpreter’s contract. Already in early 2020, rumors emerged that Purcell was going to leave Legends of Tomorrow, but the actor quickly denied it. Information that has become real a year later.

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