Alfred Molina talks about his return as Dr. Octopus in Spider-Man: No Way Home

Alfred Molina talks about his return as Dr. Octopus in Spider-Man: No Way Home

Although no one from Marvel or Sony has confirmed the signing of previous villains, or Peter Parkers, in the movie Spider-Man: No Way Home, the fact that this will present for the first time the Marvel multiverse with the wall-crawler As a protagonist, he is more than known by his fans thanks to internet leaks.

So stop Alfred Molina no longer made sense to keep his participation secret in Tom Holland’s new film, that is why the actor has not hesitated to give the first details about the story and his character in an interview with Variety about his new movie A Promising Young Woman that premiered this Friday.

“When we were shooting, we were all under strict orders not to talk about it, because it was supposed to be the big surprise. But it’s all over the internet, so now I describe myself as the worst guardian of secrets in Hollywood. “Molina joked that, even though I was really looking forward to playing Doctor Octopus again, he was also concerned about the age difference of 17 years, which there is with respect to his first performance.

“It was wonderful. It was very interesting to come back after 17 years to play the same character, especially now that I have two chins, a beard, crow’s feet, and a slightly curved back,” joked Molina, who shared his concerns with director Jon Watts. , “he just looked at me and said, “Have you seen what they did with Downey Jr. and Sam Jackson?” [en referencia al rejuvenecimiento de ambos actores en Capitán América: Civil War y Capitana Marvel]”Molina also remembered what they did with Robert de Niro in The Irishman.

They also rejuvenated Robert De Niro but when he was fighting, he still looked like an older guy. That’s what worried me the most, I don’t have the same physique as 17 years ago. Then I remembered that my tentacles are the ones that do all the work of killing and destroying things “, in fact it is the tentacles that seem to have saved him from his fatal destiny at the end of Spider-Man 2, another of Molina’s concerns because his character was dead. “In this universe, nobody really dies,” Jon Watts reassured him.

Spider-Man: No Way Home opens on December 17.

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