A petition asking for Days Gone 2 explodes on the internet asking for a sequel

A petition asking for Days Gone 2 explodes on the internet asking for a sequel

Earlier this week the news broke about Days Gone 2 and its development since this was revealed by the former director of Bend Studio in an interview. Apparently the project did not go ahead due to various factors, but like so many others PlayStation 4 exclusives, has gained a base of like-minded players that now They ask that this go ahead.

Apparently there is an active petition on Change.org With almost 29,000 signatures of 35,000 total, asking Sony that from green light to Days gone 2. Started by Kanhai Raval, in the description it is stated what’s up “millions of people“They want the sequel to be a reality; you can read it in it”[Sony] can’t stop just like that such an amazing game it ended with a cliffhanger“.

The funny thing is that this request has reached the ears of Jeff Ross, director of Days Gone, who in a tweet has expressed his amazement that he is about to become one of the most signed on Change.org. He went a little further by asking for more signatures, and thus reaching the brand, although the development team has remained oblivious, only Ross has commented on it.

Even if be the fact of this request, popular and gaining more and more notoriety, it is not very clear that it serves for Sony authorizes the sequel project Days Gone 2; or at least it remains to be seen. At the moment, and at the time of publication of this article, the petition on Change.org is on its way to 30,000 signatures.

For now, Days Gone will arrive on PC on May 18, but it is the only thing that has been confirmed around the new Sony IP created by Bend Studio and which was released on PS4 last 2018.

The director of Days Gone confirms that the sequel was going to have a cooperative mode

If you are interested in a hypothetical Days gone 2, you can always join the petition and help make it a success on Change.org.

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