PS5 remains the fastest-selling console in US history

Some UK stores copy the Japanese model to fight PS5 speculators

Although stock problems caused by the pandemic and the shortage of components that have weighed down the premiere of PS5, the new Sony console continues to register a very good acceptance by the consumer. PS5 sells and also very fast.

In his traditional sales thread in the United States, the analyst Mat Piscatella, has broken down some of the most important results within the country for the month of March. Apart from having reached a record of $ 5.6 billion generated from the sale of consoles, games and accessories, PS5 has also starred in a fact to take into account.

The commitment to the new generation of Sony has become the fastest selling console. PS5 (both versions) is the platform that has sold the most units and has generated the most dollars in the US in the first five months on sale. Nothing seems to stop this trend, which was already confirmed last February.

On the other hand, in this past March, PS5 holds the leadership in terms of dollars, but it is Nintendo switch who takes the first position in terms of units sold and they are already 28 months in which the hybrid console manages to be the best seller. The PS5 controller, Dualsense, is the most popular accessory in the North American country.

In terms of games, Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War holds the sales record in this month of March. The Activision title maintains its popularity, although Monster Hunter Rise has been close to surpassing it, getting the silver medal in sales of all platforms and the gold in terms of games within Nintendo Switch.

This news comes shortly after the new PS5 update was released. Which according to various reports, also reduces the sound of the player when reading discs.

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