New Funko Pop! from Wandavision: three new items for € 34.99

New Funko Pop!  from Wandavision: three new items for € 34.99

Although we only carry a couple, the MCU series seems like they are being a resounding success. Falcon and the Winter Soldier is skillfully picking up a witness left by the first Marvel series that premiered on Disney + and that set the bar very high: Scarlet Witch and Vision.

With this series we finally got to know a little more about the powers of the Scarlet Witch and its relationship with Vision, besides meeting a new character that conquered viewers from day one: Agataha Harkness. Three undisputed protagonists that can now be yours in Funko and sale format: only for 34.99 euros.

Get this Funko Pop! Scarlet Witch for 12.99 euros

We start with this Scarlet Witch Funko, which costs 12.99 euros. It is as it appeared in the end of the series, where we could see her isolated in a cabin, with her new reddish suit and reading a mysterious book while she levitates and learns to control her powers.

This is the first official Funko in which Scarlet Witch appears with her new costume and his new look, which promises to give a lot to talk about in upcoming Marvel movies. Will you accompany Dr. Strange on his new quest through the multiverse?

Get this Funko Pop! by Agatha Harkness for 12.99 euros

Also for 12.99 euros you have this Funko of Agatha Harkness, the villain of the series. He appears with his hair blowing in the wind and his fantasy costume, also levitating to face Wanda in a magic combat.

Even if it’s hard to grasp the charisma of Kathryn Hahn, you can see how evil and twisted her character is, who surely has much more to contribute in the future now that Wanda has decided to leave her alive in Westview to come to her when she needs her.

Get this Funko Pop! of White Vision for 12.99 euros

By last, Also for 12.99 euros you have this Funko of White Vision, possibly the plot twist most important of the series. And it is that, when we believed that Vision was dead and was not going to return, we discovered that the government is programming its own version.

The White Vision Funko is one of the most beautiful visually speaking, with white and gold colors and a very, very detailed costume. He also appears levitating, with his cape falling over his back in a very well done figurine.

Although the three Funkos add up to almost 39 euros, in Zavvi you have an offer to take three figurines only for 34.99 euros. Take advantage of it to add these three Funkos to your basket and turn your shelf into the Scarlet Witch and Vision set with its three most characteristic characters. Or gift them to a fan of the series!

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