List of cinemas in Spain where the film Guardians of the Night: Infinite Train will be screened

The Japanese Film Academy honors Demon Slayer: Infinity Train as Best Animated Film

A few years ago it seemed unthinkable to be able to enjoy the anime movies most recent just a few months apart from its premiere in Japan, and now it seems the most normal thing in the world thanks to the great work carried out by the distributors in our country, which in 2021 are being crowned with some very powerful premieres .

Although a few weeks ago we enjoyed the movie Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna, this weekend we can find Detective Conan: The Scarlet Bullet on the Spanish billboard starting today, a film that for the first time is released simultaneously in the cinemas of Spain and Japan thanks to the agreement reached by Alfa Pictures. Almost nothing!

But undoubtedly the most outstanding premiere of the month in the panorama of the anime is Guardians of the Night: Infinity Train, the film that continues with what was narrated in the first season of the anime Kimetsu no Yaiba and that has been a hit in Japan during its premiere last October, to the point of overtaking El Spirited Away as the highest grossing film in Japanese history.

So that everyone can buy tickets to see the Kimetsu no Yaiba movie, since Select Vision have shared the complete list of cinemas in Spain where the film will be available from next Friday, April 23. You can take a look below.

The Night’s Watch movie: Infinity Train starts right where the first season of the anime ended, that is, with Tanjirô, Nezuko, Zenitsu and Inosuke getting on the Infinite Train because there are numerous cases of disappearances of people inside. Fortunately they will not be alone, since inside the train there is also Kyojuro rengoku, Pillar of Fire of the group of demon hunters, so in theory the mission should not be too complicated.

However, the demon that plagues the Infinity Train is none other than Enmu, First Lower Moon of the group of Twelve Demon Moons, the elite team of demons recruited by the dangerous Muzan Kibutsuji, the demon who transformed Nezuko and slaughtered the entire family of Tanjirô. With the new power transmitted by Muzan’s blood, Enmu causes Tanjirô and company to fall into a deep sleep, each trapped in their own memories and desires. Will they manage to wake up from their slumber and stop the looming threat?

The film Guardians of the Night: Infinity Train will be released in theaters in Spain on April 23, 2021. Do you want to see the continuation of the adventures of Tanjirô and company?

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