Horizon Zero Dawn Step-by-Step Guide: Tip of the Spear

Horizon Zero Dawn Step-by-Step Guide: Tip of the Spear

We continue advancing through the step-by-step guide of Horizon Zero Dawn and now with the third chapter called “the tip of the spear”, and where it could be said that we arrived at the first mission that is not exactly a tutorial, since already We have freedom of movement, although we are going to guide you on the best way to overcome the mission without leaving you the important thing.

At the beginning of this chapter you should already have a character level 3-5, and basically although here we are going to have to do as many lessons, and the game leaves us a lot of freedom compared to the previous episodes.

So we continue with this step by step of chapter 3 called “the tip of the spear” of Horizon Zero Dawn, with the best path we have found.

Horizon Zero Dawn Step-by-Step Guide: Tip of the Spear

As soon as you start controlling the character, follow the path that is marked by the mountain until you locate the father. You will have to carry out different climbs until you reach the area where you can have a conversation with your father choosing different options, which will not change what is going to come next.

After several conversations you can use the zip line to descend the mountain.

Follow the path indicated by the game itself until you reach an area full of enemies, specifically Watchers and gallopers, which we will have to defeat to get the material called “fire” by registering their remains.

Now we will have to go to the Karst cabin since we have to buy the stunner there.

Go to the point on the map where your father is, as soon as you finish the conversation, you must use the bonfire to sleep, this is totally mandatory to trigger a scene the next morning where a small mission will begin.

Horizon zero dawn

Basically in this mission we are told to register the remains of different machines that we see along the way to get all kinds of resources. You will also have to destroy as many enemies that you find in your path, and so on until we come to face a small boss, specifically “serrated teeth”.

As you can imagine, we have to make use of the new stun gun that will allow us to spread a kind of tripwire on the ground. As soon as the enemy passes over this tripwire, they will be stunned, a moment that you will have to take advantage of, once they are on the ground, to hit a small button that is located in the lower part of the body. In this case we advise you to use fire arrows because it will allow you to remove a large amount of energy and destroy this mechanism.

Once this mechanism is destroyed, with practically a couple of blows you will finish off the enemy and this third chapter will have concluded.

With this you already have the step by step to overcome the chapter of the tip of the spear in Horizon Zero Dawn, where we already have greater freedom of movement. For more details, we recommend reading our original Horizon Zero Dawn review.

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