Genshin Impact on PS5 Announces Release Date and Details What’s New and Content for Update 1.5

Genshin Impact on PS5 Announces Release Date and Details What's New and Content for Update 1.5

After the Chinese developer confirmed the premiere of the PS5 version of Genshin Impact By this spring, many players were eagerly awaiting the reveal of the next-gen arrival date. Now, it has been known that this version is also released together with patch 1.5.

In a post in PlayStation Blog, the game team has communicated that Genshin Impact for PS5 will arrive next April 28 with a lot of content, beyond the improvements previously communicated. Update 1.5 Beneath the Light of Jadeite has already revealed part of its additions.

This update will bring the Genshin Impact formula two new characters: Eula, Knight Spindrift of Mondstadt and Yanfei, a legal advisor to Liyue. The first will be five stars, while the second has four. In addition to this, the update also incorporates new stories, enemies, and secrets.

However, perhaps the most important thing about this version 1.5 will be the possibility to create our own world, which we will call home, inside a magic kettle. Based on some predefined models, you can build a small world, with its furniture and many more options.

Regarding the version of PS5, it offers 4K resolution support, higher performance with reduced load times, sharper textures, better graphics, and more. You can take a look at all the contents in the following gallery, with the new characters and some elements in reference to the construction of homes.

More options will come with the updates and it seems that the support of this game will go on for a long time. Genshin Impact would have a roadmap of more than 10 years in content, according to a leak. Did you know that Genshin Impact on mobile generates more than 1 billion dollars in purchases; and not counting Android Chinese stores?

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