F-Zero is not dead, but “it would take a great idea to bring him back.” Glass half full or half empty?

F-Zero is not dead, but "it would take a great idea to bring him back."  Glass half full or half empty?

Takaya imamura, one of the most veteran designers of Nintendo, and involved in almost all the games of series like Star-Fox or F-Zero, retired last January after a 32-year career. There are few players who would like a new installment of those series, especially F-Zero, which has been in limbo since 2004.

Imamura, in a recent interview on IGN, has offered a glimmer of hope: F-Zero (the saga) is not deadto. He reiterated it in the interview with that medium, although he says that the return would be difficult. “Sure I’ve thought about it many times, but without a great new idea, it would be difficult for me to come back,” he said.

And it is that for Inamura F-Zero GX was the zenith of the saga, the “definitive F-Zero game”, and it would take something very new to justify a new installment.

F-Zero GX was the last desktop installment in the series, on the GameCube in 2003 (the last overall was F-Zero GP Legend on GBA a year later). GX was developed by a SEGA study, Amusement Vision, responsible for Dayona USA.

Imamura tells that It was SEGA themselves who suggested Miyamoto to make that StarFox, with the arcades Triforce board, which was based on the GameCube architecture. Amusement produced GameCube and arcade versions of F-Zero FX.

Precisely, Toshihiro Nagoshi, then producer of Amusement Vision at SEGA (currently CEO of Yakuza games, including Yakuza Like a Dragon) was open to re-collaborating with Nintendo on another F-Zero game.

Recently, Imamura also spoke in another interview about the development of other Star Fox games, revealing details about the origin of the series name or the design of the games. furros (and Krystal in particular). On a scale of 0 to 14, how much do you want Nintendo to produce another F-Zero? And, if so,which current study should do it?

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