There will be a television series Line of Fire, the latest novel by Arturo Pérez-Reverte

There will be a television series Line of Fire, the latest novel by Arturo Pérez-Reverte

The new of Arturo Pérez-Reverte will soon have an adaptation to the small screen. We talk about Fire line, a novel whose plot focuses on the battle of the Ebro and which will become a television miniseries carried out by Boomerang TV, the producer responsible for other series such as Inés del alma mía, El tiempo entre costuras or Acacias 38.

“It seemed to me the most serious proposal. It is a story of combatants, not rear, of human beings in combat, not of politicians or horrors or gutters. I hope that the series maintains that spirit,” said the writer in an interview for ABC.

“My hope is that the scriptwriter and the director understand that a human being at the front is a human being and what counts is pain. That is why there is not a single rear-guard scene in the book,” he continued. “The novels about the Civil War are almost all written from one side or the other and I want that, when the reader takes 50 pages, it does not matter if the character that appears belongs to the national or to the republican side. In the series I hope the same “.

Will be Antonio Onetti (The cathedral of the sea) who is in charge of the script of the fire line series, which will consist of a total of eight episodes of about 45 minutes each. Pérez-Reverte himself admits he feels full confidence in the production company and hopes to see an adaptation that is as faithful as possible to his work.

“I collaborate as much as I can. If they don’t ask me, I won’t say anything, I’m not a boring writer, but I always pay a courtesy visit on the set,” he commented. “I hope and trust that the series respects everything. If they tell me a single political speech, they will disappoint me. Let’s see how they do it. I’m curious. If it goes well, it will be a feat, a technical and ideological challenge in today’s Spain.”

At the moment there is no confirmed release date for the miniseries Line of Fire.

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