The 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Monster Hunter Rise: Rare Weapons, Frenzy Skills, Charms …

The 5 Things You Didn't Know About Monster Hunter Rise: Rare Weapons, Frenzy Skills, Charms ...

Monster Hunter Rise is one of the most accessible installments of the saga, but there are a few details that are hidden in plain sight. The depth of the Capcom franchise is still there and for that reason, we are going to dive into some of its more convoluted features that, directly, not many people pay attention.

In the next few lines, we will tell you some things that may have happened under your radar playing Monster Hunter Rise and that is, this game has everything and some especially important features are overlooked.

The 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Monster Hunter Rise: Rare Weapons, Frenzy Skills, Charms …

Weird weapons with crazy designs

Completing submissions has its that. Although some assignments will require us to be patient loading eggs or looking for some materials, the rewards are usually worth it. In Monster Hunter Rise there is a series of weapons, with a lot of potential, that stand out for presenting some hilarious designs.

All can be obtained by completing Kamura Villager Assignments. There is everything from a teddy bear hammer to a corncob cannon spear. Getting all of them is an excellent activity for the endgame of the game.

Transfer Frenzy Skills Between Weapons

Extra skills or bonuses against Frenzy can be imported to weapons that do not have some of these extras. For example, to bring an attack increase to a weapon that cannot have this boost, what is needed is that both weapons belong to the same arsenal tree.

Once you are clear about this, you must equip the attack increase on a weapon and improve it to the other weapon that does not have that ability. Thus, the increment will “travel” from one weapon to another.

Useful abilities of the Felynes

Although the Canynes have taken much of the limelight, the Felynes are still very useful at getting supplies. One skill of these michis is Stole that literally steals materials from monsters. Equip this skill whenever you can, as you will get many more resources in each category.

Charms to improve attack and defense

The power amulets and armor you can buy them in the store for a high price. These will give you defense and attack when equipping them in your inventory. However, many players do not know that you can go further. There is a combination formula that will allow you to get even more powerful amulets from the ones mentioned above. We recommend that you take advantage of it to improve your performance.

Get 100% activation when eating Dangos

The abilities that we obtain when eating dangos depend on the percentage of activation that it has. Some will not always grant us that ability, but there is a way to achieve that 100% ratio. It is a very simple way: using a Dango Ticket. You can get these tickets by doing missions.

Monster hunter rise

These are some of the secrets that Rise hides. Do not hesitate to consult other Monster Hunter Rise guides: where to find Dragonite, Gracio, Fucium, Machalite and all minerals, how to unlock the 8 secret armors and which of them is the best, Almudron in Monster Hunter Rise: tips, weaknesses and forms to defeat one of the strongest monsters, get the Claw Armor, how to climb to high rank faster to get the best weapons and armor, Frenzy in Monster Hunter Rise: tricks, tips and best tactics for the new game mode, 8 Tips that you will be grateful to know before you start playing, how to defeat the Magnamalo in Monster Hunter Rise: best weapons and tactics to defeat the flagship monster. We also leave you the analysis of this Nintendo Switch game.

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