Take the controls of your Switch and start engines: Mario Kart Live Home Circuit with Luigi’s car included is reduced to 87.99 euros

Take the controls of your Switch and start engines: Mario Kart Live Home Circuit with Luigi's car included is reduced to 87.99 euros

Of all the products that Nintendo launched to celebrate the 35th birthday of its pet, Mario Kart Live Home Circuit is one of the most remarkable, without a doubt. And is that this product is a perfect hybrid between augmented reality video game and toy for little ones … And not so little ones.

With Mario Kart Live Home Circuit you will experience the excitement of this racing game in your own flesh driving a little real toy kart. In this case, the Luigi, which is included in this pack that is on sale at Mediamarkt at a very interesting price: 87.99 euros, no more no less.

Get Mario Kart Live Home Circuit + Luigi’s Car for 87.99 euros

In its day we already told you everything about this game and what we had found, and we could not be more satisfied. And is that the video game’s response to what happens in reality, and vice versa, is more than satisfactory to live a very realistic experience on all four wheels.

With this game you can place a series of barriers in a makeshift circuit in your house. Then you will draw that circuit so that the game recognizes it and, finally, you will be able to put yourself at the controls of your Nintendo Switch and race to get first place.

Although it looks like a self-driving toy car, rather is an augmented reality video game that uses a toy stroller very well achieved. This car will accelerate on its own when you hit a turbo and slow down for an instant when you get hit with a shell.

To live the Mario Kart experience in your own home, the car itself incorporates a camera so that you see your living room (for example) as if you were in a real circuit, with the classic perspective, and incorporates the most basic controls to enjoy these races.

To this creativity of creating your own circuit are added different modes on the console: a Grand Prix mode that replicates what is seen in classic games, with a total of 24 circuits that you can play in four different difficulties and in different areas of the house; and a multiplayer mode that allows up to 4 players in local mode.

Take advantage of the fact that this interesting hybrid between game and toy is on sale at Mediamarkt for 87.99 euros and play one of the most beloved kart video games in video game history in the first person. Start your engines!

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