Rumor: Wolverine would have his own anthology series on Disney +

Rumor: Wolverine would have his own anthology series on Disney +

The mutants have not yet arrived in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (despite that game of the trileros in Scarlet Witch and Vision), but, after the acquisition of Fox by Disney, it is a matter of time. There have already been rumors about his first movie with the X-Men in the MCU, which would be called The Mutants … and according to this rumor, Wolverine would also star in his own series on Disney +.

According to this medium (which does not reveal its sources), Marvel would be developing a Wolverine series for Disney +, with a format in which each season will adapt one of the character’s classic stories.

Nothing is said about the cast, at the moment (most likely they were looking for another actor, since Hugh Jackman played him for almost 20 years), although it seems that the first season would adapt Weapon X’s bow (which has already been covered more or less clearly in other movies like X-Men Wolverine Origins or X-Men Apocalypse).

Of course, take this as a rumor, of a project that in any case would be in a very early phase of its development.

There are already several indications that point to mutants in the UCM: in addition to that appearance in Wandavision, Falcon and the Winter Soldier has taken us to Madripur, a common location for Wolverine’s adventures … despite the fact that Disney has removed some references to the X-Men from its website.

If it’s not Hugh Jackman, Who would you like to see in the role of Wolverine?

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