Apex Legends, EA and Respawn’s Battle Royale, surpasses 100 million players

Apex Legends, EA and Respawn's Battle Royale, surpasses 100 million players

Surely many of you are part of this great success for EA and Respawn, so pay attention. Apex Legends is one of the most popular multiplayer games on the online scene, which recently arrived on Nintendo Switch with a great presentation and new content.

Given the rumors about new Titanfall content (another Respawn IP) in Apex Legends, or the recent statements about adding new game modes beyond Battle Royale, Apex Legends has great news to give you, accompanied by a very special celebration video.

EA and Respawn are proud to announce that Apex Legends has a total of 100 million players worldwide, between PC and consoles of old and new generation. This is an excellent number of players, having recently met the second anniversary of the game, as well as its release for Nintendo Switch and next gen PS5 and Xbox Series X | S consoles.

With a diverse cast of 16 legends, three constantly changing maps, seasonal events, and big updates to come, Apex Legends continues to offer players a refined and competitive gaming experience.” can be read in the official statement from EA and Respawn.

The creators of Apex Legends they thank the game’s large online community, while reaffirming their commitment to releasing new updates, improving title support and keeping their playable proposition fresh, beyond the battle royale genre to which it belongs.




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This is confirmed after this news, and it is that EA and Respawn want to add new game modes for Apex Legends. In the coming days juicy news for the franchise will be announced and more updates, although for the moment they have not wanted to specify further.

Apex Legends thus confirms its tremendous success in PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC and next generation consoles, and it is expected that the number of 100 million players will increase in the future. Starts a new era for Battle Royale, which will go much further than expected.

Source: EA / Respawn Entertainment

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