Animal Crossing New Horizons soundtrack comes out in Japan with 7 albums and all Totakeke songs

Animal Crossing New Horizons soundtrack comes out in Japan with 7 albums and all Totakeke songs

The music is one of the fundamental ingredients of Animal Crossing New Horizons. The melodies that sound on the island, and that change every hour, contribute to we find it so pleasant, also accompanying the mood throughout the day.

They start out mild in the morning, turn upbeat and funky in the middle hours of the day, and then soften and relax in the evening, turning completely zen in the early morning. Sure, even if you’ve been on the Nintendo Switch game for hundreds of hours, you haven’t heard the music that plays at 05:00 AM!

Coinciding with the 20th anniversary of the saga (the first Dobutso no Mori released in Japan for the Nintendo 64 on April 14, 2001), Nippon Columbia has revealed the incredible physical edition of the Animal Crossing New Horizons soundtrack, with three versions including up to 7 discs.

There are three editions:

  • The simplest edition has 4 discs with 173 music tracks, including all the background themes of the game
  • The Totakeke Music Collection Edition includes three discs with all 95 songs of Totakeke (KK Slider)
  • The Complete Edition comes with 7 discs, including all the background music and Totakeke songs (the versions sung by the dog and the instrumental versions).

totakeke animal crossing

There are 24 different background themes, that sound on the island, as well as variations when it rains or when it snows, all covered in the first two albums. The third and fourth disc includes the themes of different places (the museum, the store, dreams, the music of the fishing tournaments, the music that plays in the New Year’s Eve countdown -which also changes up to 4 times in an hour- , the music when the wasps chase you, the music that plays on the radio …).

Totakeke’s three albums include all the songs that the dog plays, which as you know he goes every Saturday night to play on the island, and you can ask him for specific songs to make the complete collection (here is the whole list of songs you can ask for).

Animal Crossing New Horizons soundtrack

Additionally, the full edition comes with a headphone case and a art book with all Totakeke album covers. A real gem for collectors!

Animal Crossing New Horizons soundtrack

If you are interested, it is possible to import it from Amazon US, At a price of $ 113.99. It will be out on June 9.

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