Throughout the decades, Spider-man has had the pleasure of meeting a wide range of charismatic villains who have contributed their grain of sand to the immense popularity of the Marvel wall-crawler. One of the most iconic is the Doctor Octopus, the mad scientist who enlists the help of mind-controlled robotic arms with which he can wreak havoc if that falls into his plans. We saw a cool iteration in the cinema by Alfred Molina in the Sam Raimi trilogy.

Now the YouTuber and engineer Jake laser He has set himself the goal of developing robotic arms similar to those of Doctor Octopus, and he even wants to control them with his mind using an EEG (electroencephalogram) device.

With the help and knowledge of a team of enthusiastic Spider-Man fans who also have a lot of engineering knowledge to contribute ideas, Laser has already designed the functional arms, which are capable of picking up small objects, for now. via Wii Remotes, but time to time.

The extensive demonstration video of this ambitious project has shown that the technology of controlling electronic gadgets through the mind by concentrating on a specific object is made possible by the reading of brain waves by the EEG device. Recently Neuralink, The company of Elon musk, showed the video of a monkey playing Pong using a similar system. Naturally, there is still a long way to go in this field, although seeing this progress is impressive.

What do you think of this project to create the arms of Spider-Man’s Doctor Octopus? Will Marvel Studios ask them for Spider-Man: No Way Home?